Science Project: Color & Light

With summer coming to a close, and school right around the corner for most of us, or if you’re like my family, who started school this past Monday, then you’re ready to get into gear with helping your kiddos learn at home just as much as they learn at school.
Below is an activity that teachers, parents, and families can do at home and/or school to begin the school year with more knowledge than with what you started.
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Brightly colored liquids in glass vials.

Color & Light


Possible Hypotheses:
All colors absorb the same amount of sunlight.
Some colors absorb more sunlight than others.

Four tall clear glasses
Food coloring
Immersion thermometer


  1. Fill the glasses with the same amount of cold water. Record the temperature of the water.
  2. Add 20 drops of red food coloring to one glass, 20 drops of yellow to one glass, and 20 drops of blue to one glass.
  3. Place all four glasses in a sunny place for 15 minutes.
  4. Record the temperature of the water in all four glasses.

Analysis and Conclusion:

Did the temperature of the water change? Which water got warmest? What did you learn about colors and light?